We solve your metalworking problems

BM Teknik specialises in supplying equipment and consumables for metal preparation, cutting, finishing and cleaning to a diverse range of market sectors throughout the Nordic region. As part of a family run business with more than 30 years of growth and success, we have a long established reputation for efficiency, integrity and reliability. We maintain this by meeting our customers' needs with an innovative approach, outstanding service, expert advice and quality products at competitive prices. Read more about BM Teknik.

Weld cleaning

Everything for cleaning stainless steel

Weld Cleaning

All in weld cleaning for stainless steel

Weld Cleaning Solutions for TIG and MIG. The safe alternative to Pickling Paste. The fastest passivation system available. See our weld cleaning machines. See our product range and see how your production can be revolutionized.



Large workshop equipment


Machines to improve your efficiency

Do you need a cut metal parts inhouse? Or effectively remove burrs and oxides before painting? At BM Teknik we have a wide range of machines to improve workshop efficiency. See our machines for plasma cutting, deburring and sawing.


Workshop Supplies

Workshop supplies and abrasives


What you lack in everyday life

BM Teknik annually delivers machines and supplies to hundreds of customers. As part of our commitment to help our customers, we are dedicated to bringing innovative products that save costs and increase productivity in the market, so that the best products are available to you. Visit our webshop.